Specialty Scents

Pumice and Poppy - $6.00
Seriously scrubby with fine & medium pumice and blue poppy seeds.  Mildly scented with sandalwood and orange.

Pine Tar - $7.99
With 15% pine tar this isn't especially pretty, but the moisturizing benefits to skin annoyed with psoriasis or eczema make this soap's look immaterial!

Coffee Scrub - $6.00
Made with actual ground coffee and extract, this is a good kitchen soap as it removes all manner of stinky stuff like garlic and onions.
Minty Mud Pie with Charcoal Swirls - $6.75
Green tea oil, Green Tea leaves and touch if Neem Oil (anti-inflamatory properties) give this as herbaceous and rather medicinal scent.  Bentonite clay and a swirl of activated charcoal absorbs excess oil.  Excellent for oily or blemish-prone skin, as well as nicks or scratches that need germ-cleansing!  Essential oil of Peppermint adds the refreshing touch.
Activated Charcoal & French Pink Clay - $7.99
Activated charcoal has a super porous surface, said to have the ablility to absorb thousands of times its own weight.  This absorbancy and its antibacterial properties make it an ideal soap for acne prone skin types.