We at Two Palm Soaps hand-select all ingredients and hand-stir every batch.
We DON'T take the easy way -- We make our soap the long way!
We invite you to share in the experience! Your skin will appreciate the difference.

About our Soaps

As all of our soaps are handmade design, texture, and color variations may occur, but that is part of each soap's character and charm; Changes may result from slight variations in oils, herbs, pigments, temperature or humidity. We cut our soaps by hand and not by machine press, thus you will find the soap has a slightly irregular look all it's own and no two bars are exactly alike. They are siblings - unique but similar; NOT perfect little factory cutouts!

Allow your beautiful soap to "breathe" in non-airtight containers or wrappers - not plastic bags or containers. Exposure to air promotes hardening of your soap and contributes to longer-lasting quality as well as helping them stay firm and keep their shape. Natural soaps are best when aged, the older the better. Age hardens the soap and makes it less likely to melt away in the shower or bathtub. Natural handmade soap contains NONE of the chemicals commercial soaps use to make them last, so you don't feel that residues on your skin following bathing, however it does need a little more care. If you use the bar as a scrub brush it won't last as long as it will if you use a loofah, cloth or sponge to rub the soap onto your skin.

We recommend using a draining soap dish so your soap does not sit and waste away in a puddle of water. Like all soaps, your homemade soap will last longer if it is allowed to dry between use. Place extras in a basket in your bathroom or linen cupboard to make towels smell nice too!