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I just wanted to let everyone out there who love candles and the wonderful scents of the holiday smells......... like homemade pumpkin pie and apple pie you must order the pumpkin spice candle and the apple it is just heavenly. I also asked Shirley the maker of Two Palm Soaps to make me a Xmas tree scent so she made me a pine forest candle. MMMMMMM I couldn't wait to try it so I put it on my candle warmer and aaaahhhhhhhh it is just like Christmas . I think these are just wonderful candles and they last and last....... Thanks, Andrea from Maine

I'm using....Awapuhi and I love it!!!! Everyone loved the soaps I gave them. I have the others laid out around my bed and the combination is wonderfully relaxing. Roxanna in Clearwater, FL

By the way, I have been using your soaps exclusively since last Christmas, and I use the green liquid moisturizer on my face exclusively. My skin has never been so clear. Alexis, VA

My skin was very rough before I started using Two Palm Soaps. When I used your soap, it really made my skin soft. My face had rough patches, so I lathered up the soap, put it on my face and left it for a few minutes. When I washed it off my face was soft also! It changed my skin! Nothing else ever worked. Boy was I happy :) Marissa, Dunedin Florida 8 years old

Vicki in WV wrote in the memo portion of her check "Soaps smell WONDERFUL!"

I did sample the chocolate chip one! The smell was heavenly! I think you've go something terrific going! -- Faye - Clearwater, FL

I want to tell everyone this sight is just so magical. When you look at it you can actually smell the soaps . Go look at the soap names and tell me that you can't smell the carrots or the roses or even the Eucalyptus . They are really what they say they are, from real natural ingredients and all from scratch. Just sit back and imagine that you are soaking in a hot tub with a bar of Rose Garden -mmmmmmmmmm you may just find yourself slipping away while luxuriating in this wonderfully scented water.

Also this is a must (I swear by this bar) --Coffee Grind. If you peel onions or get you hands into something that really smells yuck- go wash your hands with this bar -It is fabulous! I have never had anything work as terrific as this marvelous bar. It actually does take the smell away. I had been using a famous specialty brand soap for years and when I discovered this wonderful sight and had to buy a few to try them . These Two Palm Soaps are ever so smooth and natural, I never have to worry about hurting my delicate skin or drying it out. I will never go back to other soaps again. I also think the creativity of this website is so clever. Just browsing through makes you want to go on and look at everything. Oh yes the prices are so great everyone can afford it. Psssst........go look around for yourself see what I mean, and then you can order those cute little $20.00 gift baskets for a friend or family member. Andrea - Saco, Maine

I just wanted to tell you how much I like your soaps. My friend Andrea gave me a few bars to sample and I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed them. I'm not sure of the name of the one I used the most, I believe it had nutmeg in it. It is wonderful. The scents of the others I have smelled are wonderful also. She has samples with her all the time, so for the last few weeks, we have had "smelling sessions" when we do our weekly chores! Love the additions to your web page. I went to it earlier just to see all the different varieties you made and was quite impressed then. This morning when I went to view and add to my favorites, what a surprise with all the floating bubbles and the excellent pictures of the soaps. Very well done. I just wanted to drop a note and let you know how I liked your products. Theresa - Maine