Fruit Scents

Black Raspberry Vanilla - $6.00
A combo that just can't be beat.

Lemon Verbena - $6.00
A bit like lollipop lemon.  Just like pinching a leaf from the plant.

Lemon-y Lemon - $6.00
Fragrances with Litsea Cubeba (May Chang) essential oil, this is a bright, clear lemon scent.
Satsuma - $6.00
A type of mandarin orange
Coconut Lime - $6.00
Sweet coconut with tart lime - very summer-y
Monkey Burps - $6.00
What any well groomed monkey would use...bananas and coconut!
Fruit Loops - $6.00
Yep! Almost, but without milk!
Cherry Almond - $6.00
Ageless combo
Strawberry Breeze - $6.00
Strawberries, leaves, stems, sunshine, what a blend!
Razzleberry - $6.00
A deliciously dazzleing red raspberry
Raspberry Lime - $6.00
Just like the cooling summertime ice cream sodas I had in New England
Mojito - $6.00
Watching a proper mojito being created is a wonderful thing.  We've translated this into a soap for you.  The refreshing scent of spearmint leaves muddled with limes is aromatice nirvana.
Chocolate Truffle - $6.00
To die for chocolate fragrance and NO CALORIES.  In fact, it will help you lose weight! (Weight lose will depend on how much dirt is on the body at the time of washing!)