Fresh and Clean Scents

Lemongrass Ginger - $6.00
Apricot Kernel oil along with Lemongrass and Ginger essentil oils give this soap its lemon-y color and "in your face" lemon zip. NOT for super sensitive skin
Mint For You - $6.00
Here's a terrific eye opener. It's a nice mint leaf green and a lovely sweet blend of peppermint essential oils.
Eucalyptus Spearmint - $6.00
Herbaceously green & invigorating, this is especially great as a wake up in the morning.  Works wonders to relieve upper respiratory congestion too!
De-Stress - $6.00
A strong combination of lavender, juniper, clary, mints, sandalwood and pine.
Bay Rum - $6.00
Oldie but goodie!
Nautica but Nice - $6.00
Fresh, clean seaside
Rosemary Mint - $6.00
Herby rosemary mixed with the sweetness of spearmint.
Irish Green Tweed - $6.00
Quite close to the men's cologne Creed
Florida Pines - $6.00
Long needle pine. And pineapple, and a teensy bit of tropical in the background.
Norwegian Woods - $6.00
A clean pine with a hint of cedar and spruce
Veeeeery Sexy - $6.00
A strong, musk type fragrance
Sandalwood - $6.00
Ageless sweet woody favorite