Our Story

Two Palm Soaps originated to fulfill my own need for a soap that didn't give my skin fits -- unexplainable itching, rashes and irritations have plagued me for years. I finally figured out my skin sensitivities weren't a genetic problem but caused by the products I was using ON my skin, including the factory soaps used to clean off cosmetics I'd thought were the problem.

I read books, joined craft lists, researched, studied, asked thousands of questions, and finally learned how to produce a well-made, skin-nourishing soap with scads of creamy lather.

The results of my hard work were tested on ready and willing friends and relatives who loved what I was creating, encouraging me with, "You should sell this stuff, " and TADA - Two Palm Soaps was born! I so enjoy making this high quality, cold process soap for those who want nothing but the very best and don't judge a soap on its price alone. Once you've tried it you'll never want to return to common detergent bars.
Check store labels and you will find that many don't even use the word "soap," because they are mostly detergents made from petroleum products or from predominately one oil...like palm. Detergents can strip oils out of our skin, removing the naturally moisturizing body oils along with the soil. It's no wonder our skin feels dry and itchy after bathing!
Commercially made soap often has salts and other harsh chemicals added to remove that natural occurring glycerin. In the United States commercial processes for soap were pioneered by Procter & Gamble in Cincinnati in the mid 1800’s. They discovered an easy separation technique for glycerine, then began selling the glycerine to.....the companies that make the cream to relieve the drying and itching!
Since that time, consumers have purchased glycerine as a typical component of moisturizing lotions. Fantastic marketing, yes. But in our soaps, that valuable glycerine stays right there in every bar where it belongs, trapping needed moisture next to your skin. We produce freshly made, luxuriously creamy glycerin soap with incredible lather and natural moisturizing benefits.
None of our soap is pre-manufactured by anyone else. We hand-select all ingredients, choosing premium quality vegetable and fruit oils, enriching exotic oils and butters, herbs, botanicals and fragrances to create a product that will pamper your skin
I'm a gardener and try to apply the "from seeds to suds" idea by using what has been grown as often as I can. Each soap has largely olive oil to give you the skin pampering qualities of the olive that have been prized in soap for thousands of years. We add in coconut oil for lots of superb lather, a bit of palm oil for hardening, generous dollops of shea, cocoa or mango butters, plus other enriching oils (depending on soap variety) like jojoba, avocado and apricot kernel to add yet more skin softening properties.
Our colorants are either all-natural herbs, pigments or micas mined from the earth then treated to make them safe for your skin, and/or food and cosmetic safe colorants.
We make our soap the long way, hand stirring and blending the oils, butters, botanicals, and sodium hydroxide in rather small batches, pour it into molds, allow it to process for 24 or so hours, slice up the bars, and cure for 3-6 weeks. Good soap needs time to age and reach maturity, and some of my babies are late bloomers, needing just a tad more time than the others to reach their full potential.
We cut our soaps by hand, not by machine press, often giving the soap a slightly irregular look all it's own. They are siblings - unique but similar, certainly NOT clones or perfect little factory cutouts! Because our soaps are handmade design, texture, and color variations may occur, part of each soap's character and charm. Changes in outcome can result from slight variations in oils, herbs, pigments, temperature or humidity.
The bars may vary in size and weight. Each is cut to about 4.5 - 4.8oz., and cures to 4 - 4.5oz., most of the time. Once in a while, if a bar stays on the shelf longer than usual, there's a bit more shrinkage (water evaporation) and it may wind up a bit under the labeled 4 oz, but a dryer bar is also a harder bar and lasts longer. We hand trim, polish and wrap each piece, giving that little extra personal touch.
My handcrafted soaps gently lift the soil on your skin into suspension so it can be washed away, leaving glycerin and other moisturizing oils behind to leave you softer and less dry. After regularly using our luxury soap you may even find that you no longer need to apply as much lotion and cream after bathing. We invite you to share in the experience! Treat yourself to a bar...Your skin will thank you for it.
Like all soaps, your homemade soap will last longer if it is allowed to dry between use. Buy extras to place in a basket in your bathroom or linen cupboard to make towels smell nice too!